Concept Development Corporation was established in 1992 after we developed the first laser boresighters on the market, the SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighters. Today, we are by far, the leading manufacturer of quality laser boresighters. Our SiteLite laser products are in use worldwide by the U.S. Military, EOD Bomb Squads, Law Enforcement and Sportsmen.

In addition, the development of our APC-100 Armor Piercing Containment System revolutionized weapons clearing barrels. Imagine that a container only 9 inches long and 5 inches in diameter can contain a full auto burst of a M60 machine gun and even a .50 cal BMG round! We now have over 17,000 APC-100 Armor Piercing Containment Systems in use throughout the world, including on every U.S. Navy ship/sub, on every USAF base and even with the Presidential helicopter. And, we have not had any problems with even one! That's impressive, considering that they have contained numerous negligent/accidental discharges. They have saved property damage, injuries and perhaps, a few lives.

Our latest venture includes the development of EOD Laser products for use by bomb squads to acquire IED targets for disposal. The new Laser Guided Projectile, with a self-contained laser, accurately acquires IED targets and has taken the guess work out of target acquisition when using robots.

Foremost, we are proud to be of service to our Armed Forces. I would, especially, like to thank our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan for their service to our country. Here are a few emails I have received from Iraq and Afghanistan:

“Hi Rich, Yes, I got the SL-150. It works great. I am amazed at how easy it is to use and how accurate it is. Thank you for your generosity! Its thoughtful VETS like you that make our jobs much easier” SPC T.F. (Camp Speicher, Iraq)

"Thank you for sending the SL-150M & SG-120 EOD lasers. Once again, I can't tell you how much your company has done for the war on terrorism. I will always recommend your company to people in the EOD community. One of your lasers should be in every PAN Kit. Thanks again " SFC M.P. (EOD) Afghanistan

This is what Concept Development Corporation is all about…It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Rich Langner, President/CEO

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